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Every design must be unique But, It has to render well on devices, run fast and translate the idea of the company to the customers clear and loud! When I design a website I spend days and nights to come up with the right color scheme. Yes, I do! Do you know every color represent certain emotions and feelings? So not every color or design style will work for all. It has be calculated properly and executed in a matter where it pleases the eyes yet, deliveries the message across. A simple 5 page business may take up to 5 or 10 days depending on what's needed and how difficult it is.


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About me & A Few Good Words From Them

John A.

While we are here, I'd like to tell you little bit about myself. I have been designing websites since 2016. It started as a hobby and turned into serious carrier for me. I came to find out that I love doing this! I enjoy spending days and nights to come up with the right strategy, design, color, content and images to give the visitors eye-candy but still deliver the idea of the business or product very well without being confusing or crowded. The secret of my success is, When I am designing a site, logo or doing ads or SEO I always treat the business as if it's my own. that's how I keep myself and my clients happy and successful!


I was doing paper advertising for my boutique for 7 months we were still making $75 a day which was nothing compering to what we were paying for the rent and bills I decided to use his service First month we increased sales and walk ins about 40% I couldn't ask for more!
Molly McLeod
Shop Owner


I have been struggling with my local business and hired him for facebook advertising and website building I can tell you this much I have been getting more reservations and phone orders since he started our advertising campaign. you are a good man John! Thanks
Brain Kim
Business Owner