Social Media Marketing for Small Business Owners

Social media marketing for small business owners is a must! Why? We all know social media marketing has become the most effective and reliable way to promote your company or product locally or worldwide. Let’s have a look at the research below and see the benefits of social media marketing for small business owners.

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Social media is a powerful tool and many people build empires out of Facebook, Instagram, google, pinterest and twitter. Survey shows that 63% of the consumers have bought service or product after seeing a social media advertising and a new research indicates 82% of the local customers search online for a product or service nearby and might not even know the existence of your company and location. That’s when Social media ads come in the game, they can target those specific locals who are interested in your service or product by showing them series of video or image ads that raise awareness and understanding of your business. Click to see the rates.


The other method is called “social media content management“. What is it? It is the process of evaluate social media viewers and developing a strategy that creates an interest to them. What happens that, An agent takes charge of your page and starts sharing images, info and video contents that are describing your business, service, product or a goal and by doing that your business page will start getting organic likes, shares, comments and followers. A study shows 60% of the people said that they trust and think highly about a business if they have followers, post likes, quality content and related images on their social media profiles. Presentable business page is a must.


This may not necessarily be part of social media marketing but it’s one of the most powerful and FREE tool to use! SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a way to increase ranking and visibility on search engines such as google, bing and others like it. Which brings organic, unpaid traffic to your website and business. How it works basically If someone googles a related keyword it may show your website on top of the search results. We use the latest strategy which is called WHITE HAT SEO. It is the most advance and reliable method by far. Google favors clean and ethical backlinks which are proven to give you a long term benefits and SEO rankings.

Traffic 83%
Raise Awareness 91%
Increase Customer Loyalty 75%
Sales 88%


Helped many small businesses to achieve their goals with success rate of 98%. All 100% effective methods.


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